Dr Oyetunde Earns LASUSTECH TETFUND'S NRF Research Grant


Dr Oyetunde Oyabade Adebiyi of the College of Agriculture has won for the Lagos State University of Science and Technology, a Tetfund's NRF institutional research grant in the sum of Thirty-three Million, Seventy Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eighty-one naira, ninety nine kobo (N33,070,881.99) The award was communicated to the Vice Chancellor by Tetfund in a letter dated 10th January, 2024, which indicates that Dr. Oyetunde would be the Principal Researcher and lead the University's research team to conduct research on Development and use of doubled Haploid maize lines for improved maize yield and tolerance to Armyworm. The University appreciates the specific contributions of Professor Adebisi Balogun towards the success of the NRF grant. LASUSTECH.., sustaining the culture of Excellence