Many candidates wrote the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination but few are offered admission each year. With great joy and enthusiasm, I stand to address you all today Monday, February 26, 2024, at the second matriculation ceremony of our great university, the Lagos State University of Science and Technology. I welcome you all our great students to the University of Excellence.
To God be all glory for His grace, sustenance and progress we have made since 2022 when the University was established.

We are indeed grateful to our education loving, action-oriented and dynamic Governor, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu who is also the Visitor to our University. We acknowledge the guiding suppo4rt of the Honourable Commissioner, Mr. Tolani A. Sule and the entire Ministry of Tertiary Education. We are indebted to the supportive role of the Governing Council under the distinguished Chairmanship of Professor Kola R. Ojikutu. Our University remains a strategic partner and catalyst to the achievement of the THEMES Plus agenda of Mr. Governor. Indeed, the University has continued to thrive and progress. Only in the week of February 21 – 23, 2024, we became a member of the Association of West African Universities (AWAU) and the Vice Chancellor participated at the 9th Scientific Conference of AWAU.

I have deliberately chosen the title of my address to you, our new students. It is a modification of a verse in the Bible ‘Many are called but few are chosen’ (Matthew 24:14) which shows that there is a selection process with profound responsibilities on those selected coupled and opportunities for either failure or success.

As you are aware, many candidates write the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination each year but the carrying capacity of our universities and other tertiary institutions is limited. This limitation has many causes including funding, staffing and resources needed to produce highly-skilled .and competent graduates. For example, in 2023 we had over 13,000 candidates but could only offer 3,300 students (25.4% admission rate). This is very low and leaves the university under pressure from several quarters as it becomes survival of the best, fittest or most connected. Thus, many candidates did JAMB exams but only few got admitted to be students. Therefore, you should consider yourselves as lucky, brilliant, fortunate and do not make any assumption that it is going to be an easy ride.

Fortunately, you have a set ahead of you who I challenged last year to ‘Mind Their Business’. This is my first command to you. You are here to learn and be trained to become solution providers to the nation, build your own future and fulfil your dreams. Therefore, the need to sit down to analyze the challenges facing you in the next four to five years should be your utmost concern.

Use the Opportunity Well

As young people, there is much energy and ‘free’ time. I urge you to use your energy wisely being conscious that there is a limited quantum of energy available to you and which will deplete as you use it. For example, if you choose to spend your energy on frivolities, missing classes, then the energy left for productive activities will be very minimal. Therefore, prioritize your academic activities; attend classes promptly, participate in tutorials, seminars and workshops.

Look after your health, eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, avoid self-medication and use of illicit drugs. These drugs destroy your self-esteem and your future. Use the Medical services and Guidance unit as well. The Dean, Students’ Affairs must be your first point of contact for issues you may have. You must shun and avoid every appearance of cultism. Do not be induced or deceived, there is no assured prosperity or future in being a cultist. You risk spending twenty-one (21) years in jail if convicted. You should comply with our dress codes at all times. Improper dressing will not be tolerated.

There is the need to be of good behaviour at all times. Do not assault others, do not be involved in gender based violence at any time or be molested by any member of the university community. Our code of conduct as in the student’s handbook should guide you. We have zero tolerance for improper conduct.

In conclusion, the future ahead is brighter and colourful, do not waste the opportunity presented before you. Take heed to all I have said to you. I urge you again to use the opportunity well.

I wish you well.

Welcome to our university.